Details on Guanapo Gorges

The rating of this hike from Guanapo Quarry or from Lalaja Road is (5) Moderately Challenging

On this hike, mammoth rock formations hidden in the gorges are absolutely astounding. They create an enchanting wall along the gorge. Don't miss this one!!

Now, there are (2) ways one can take to get to the Gorges at Guanapo:

(1) From the Guanapo Quarry that is located north-east of Arima and

(2) From Lalaja South Road, off the Arima/Blanchisseuse Road.

From the "Quarry of Guanapo" lies a fairly wide trail into Guanapo forest through abandoned cocoa and Tonka bean estates to the Guanapo River. This walk will take roughly 1 hour (most). At this point, backpacks are concealed in the bushes, before gearing up to once again, trek through natural forest to the top of Guanapo River.....another 30 minutes walk on this leg. The excitement of this water exploration begins here.

Enjoy great water trekking along slippery rocks, jump into a 20 foot pool, swim through narrow and deep gorges, view jaw-dropping natural rock formations and tributaries on this unforgettable adventure. Stop and have a well-deserved snack at the end of the gorge exploration before returning to the vehicles. A day well spent!!!

From Lalaja Road, we trek down a steep hill until we eventually come to trail and into the forest where after about 25 minutes trekking, we reach to the top of the Guanapo River. We conceal our backpacks in the bushes except if you are fully prepared to store your food and any items you don't want to get wet in really good seal proof bags, you are good to go. Enjoy the gorges to the fullest.

At the end of the gorges, we can relax at a nice small pool, eat our food, relax a bit and prepare for our return trek being mindful that there is the very steep uphill trek back to our parked vehicles.

Life jackets will be provided upon request. Ropes and other safety devices will also be on hand.

Duration & Cost

6 Hours (Either way)

Duration to the gorges from Guanapo Quarry : 1 hour 40 minutes

Duration to the gorges from Lalaja Road: 1 hour 15 minutes


TTD $160. (5 persons minimum)

Payment is to be made at any branch of Republic Bank, Account # 320466690701 in the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T". Once payment is made and a receipt is given, kindly Whats app to 868-740-2860 or email to for confirmation thank you. Do remember, who pays first will get the preferential treatment.

Transportation can be provided. Call for details.


Wear long/short trousers.….. Your choice.

Wear long/short sleeve tops…. Your choice.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers/sandals with good grips under the soles . No slippers please.

Use a backpack thereby keeping both hands completely free.

Bring along seal proof bags which will be vital.

Bring mosquito repellent. Optional

Bring a change of clothing which will be left in the vehicles.

Bring a waterproof camera. Other cameras would be used at your own risk.