Quinam Beach to Los Iros Beach

Rating of this walk is (5) Moderately challenging.

Welcome to deep Southern Trinidad where few people from the Northern part of the island frequent. Although the beaches in this area is the Columbus Channel where the waters is not as pristine as that of the Caribbean Sea in the northern part, one notable advantage in southern Trinidad is that beach walking is refreshingly invigorating. 

Welcome to the village of "Siparia" where our vehicle that will drop us off at Quinam Beach where our beach walk begins. Once the tide is out, a wonderful walk is certainly in store.

Great beach trekking along the coastline for the next 5.75 miles where we eventually reach to a great rest stop at "Beach Camp" in Palo Seco before proceeding to our final destination.

As we eventually close in on Los Iros Beach, we will see life guard huts, sheds and other infrastructure in the distance that gives us the indication that we've reached our destination. 

Distance of this overall beach walk is 9.75 miles.

Duration & Cost

9 Hours Tour/Hike

Duration of the beach walk to Los Iros Beach (One Way): 2 hours (Maximum)

All-inclusive Tour/Walk Cost

TTD $300. (8 persons minimum)

Payment is to be made at any branch of Republic Bank, Account # 320466690701 in the name of "Nature Trekking in T&T". Once payment is made and a receipt is given, kindly Whats app to 868-740-2860 or email toemile@naturetrektnt.com for confirmation thank you. Do remember, who pays first will get the preferential treatment.

Cost includes: Chartered transport, lunch, soft beverages, professional tour guiding services


Wear long/short trousers......your choice

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you wear long sleeve tops. The sun, especially in the dry season is HOTTT.

Wear hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles.

A broad brim hat is heavily recommended on this trip.

Sunglasses is also highly recommended.

Sunblock is strongly recommended.

Use a backpack thereby keeping both hands totally free.

Bring a change of clothing and footwear which will be left in our vehicle.